Import a landing page to WordPress using the Moosend Landing Pages plugin

If you have an existing Moosend landing page, you can import it to your WordPress website using the Moosend Landing Pages plugin. After import, you can still make changes and edit the landing page using the Moosend Landing Page Designer, or edit the URL in WordPress. 

A. Install the Moosend Landing Pages plugin

To install the Moosend Landing Pages plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress account.
  2. On your dashboard, on the left menu, click Plugins.
  3. Find the Moosend Landing Pages plugin and click Install Now.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_1.png
  4. When the installation is complete, click Activate.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_2.png
  5. On the message that appears, click the link to login to your Moosend account.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_3.png
  6. Fill out the log in details of your Moosend account and click Login.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_4.png

B. Import a landing page from Moosend

To import a landing page from Moosend:

  1. On the Moosend menu on the left,  click Import to Wordpress.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_new_5.png
  2. In the Your Moosend Landing Pages section, find the published landing page you want to import and click Import.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_7.png
  3. When the import process is complete, click Save to save it as a draft or click Publish to publish it to your WordPress site.

C. Edit an imported landing page

To edit an imported landing page:

  1. On the Moosend menu on the left,  click Landing Pages.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_8.png
  2. In the list of Moosend landing pages imported to your WordPress site, find the landing page you want to edit and click Edit in Moosend. You are redirected to the Moosend Landing Page Designer.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_10.png
  3. Edit the landing page and click Proceed to Next Step to save your changes. You are redirected to your WordPress website.
  4. To edit the URL settings of your landing page, on the Moosend menu on the left,  click Settings.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_12.png
  5. In The URL pattern for your landing pages field, enter your preferred URL pattern. The default Moosend URL pattern is moosend_landing.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_13.png
    If your WordPress website is, the default URL of your landing page is If you enter landing as your URL pattern, the new URL of your landing page is:
  6. Click Save Changes.wordpress_moosend_landing_pages_plugin_14.png
  7. To implement the changes, go back to Settings, click Permalinks and then click Save Changes.