View your automation statistics

As with every other aspect of your email campaigns, Moosend gives you all the information you need to know how your automations are faring at any given moment. You can access metrics to learn what works for your subscribers, your site visitors, your customers.

To view automation statistics:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Automations tab.Snag_104fdf7.png
  2. On the Automations page, your automations are listed according to when they were created. You can see the title you gave to each automation, as well as its current status (re: active, inactive, or incomplete) and the option to edit / duplicate /, delete the automation.Snag_14dd2986.png
  3. Check the columns on the right of your automation. The following metrics are available:
    • Triggered - The number of times this automation has been triggered.
    • Actions - The number of actions that have occurred since the automation was activated.
    • Opens - The total number of times each campaign contained in the automation has been opened.
    • Clicks - The total number of clicks received by each campaign is contained in the automation.
    • Status - The status of your automation workflow; can be active, inactive, or incomplete if there are tasks left for you to complete.
  4. If you want to view all the statistics available, click Expand tasks in the last column of your automation.Snag_14dfeb17.pngAn additional section of info appears underneath the automation line with the following information:
    • Subject Line - The subject line of each campaign utilized by the automation.
    • Sent - The number of times each campaign contained in the automation was dispatched.
    • Opens - The number of times each campaign was opened.
    • Clicks - The number of times each campaign received a click.
    • Unsubscribes - The number of people who unsubscribed from your email list after receiving this campaign.
  5. To get more details of each separate campaign inside your automation, click Snag_14e299fb.png in the last column of the campaign.  You will be directed to the Campaign Overview, from where you can access multiple charts reports pertaining to the performance of each newsletter you have sent out in real-time.
  6. You can also access the statistics of your automation per step by opening your automation. Step statistics comprise of an integer, displaying how many times the specific step has been processed, and a percentage, which shows you the ratio in which your triggered flows branched to the left or right of a step.