The report you can get from site tracking

Site tracking offers you a great insight since when using it, you can create a close connection between your account in our platform and your site and keep track of important events, like what your site visitors are interested in, or what your site users decided to place on their shopping cart.

This means you can be there whenever your customers need you the most, by creating responsive email campaigns that cater to their every need. Our platform already offers a variety of information to help you segment your email list members:

  • Date and time they were added to the list
  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's email
  • Recipient's tag
  • Recipient's mobile
  • If they have been verified for Double Opt-in
  • If they belong to a different email list or not
  • Which campaigns they have opened
  • Which links they clicked on
  • Their operating system
  • Their device type
  • The email client they use
  • Their web browser
  • Their mobile browser
  • Their subscribe method
  • The date they were updated
  • Any of your custom fields

In addition to the above our site tracking gives you the option to use events that take place on your site and check the following information in relation to your customers:

  • Their total number of orders
  • Their total number of products
  • Their average products per order
  • The total revenue they have given you
  • The average revenue per order they create
  • The code of the product they purchased
  • Whether they've made any purchase
  • Whether they have abandoned their cart
  • When they abandoned their cart
  • The date they first came to your site
  • The last time they visited your site
  • The date they first made a purchase on your site
  • The date they last made a purchase on your site
  • Any website action tag

Learn more about how to get our platform's tracking code and what it takes to start identifying your website users.