Copy your automation and transfer it to another account in our platform

When you have created an effective automation workflow, you may wish to copy it and transfer it to another account in our platform, without the hassle of creating it from scratch.

Let's see how you can do that!


1. On your Dashboard, hover your mouse over the Automation tab.transfer_automation_3.png


2. Click on the automation you wish to copy and transfer.


3. Click on the arrow icon at the top left of your page. A pop-up window appears, showing you your automation's name, description, and the corresponding task list. 


4. Tap on the Transfer button.transfer_automation_1.png

A pop-up window appears.


5. Enter the appropriate email address in the Account Email field, then click on the Copy button.transfer_automation_2.png

A success message will appear at the top of your page, informing you that the automation has been transferred to the selected account.

Note that copying and transferring your automation to another account in our platform will in no way affect the original automation.