Access the report of your automation campaign

Moosend lets you create automation workflows to optimize your sales and automate your communication with your customers. In Moosend, you can gauge the effectiveness your automated campaigns by having access to real-time statistics.

To access the report of your automation campaign:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Automation tab.access_report_automation_campaign_4.png
  2. Find the automation that you want to check and in the last column, click Expand stats.access_report_automation_campaign_1.png
  3. Click the round icon, located on the right side of the available statistics to open the report page. access_report_automation_campaign_2.png
    Alternatively, you can access your automation's report page on the Automations page. Go to the corresponding action in the workflow and hover over three_dots_icon_-_Copy.png, and click View report.access_report_automation_campaign_3.png