Add items to a newsletter

After you've created a newsletter layout in the Campaign Editor, you can design your newsletter by adding different items according to your preference and campaign requirements. From the Items tab, you can drag and drop different items to customize your newsletter.

The image shows the Items tab, the Actions menu, and the Item settings.ItemsNLwithlabels3.png

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A. Add an item

  1. In the editor’s left pane, click the Items tab.
  2. Drag and drop an item into an empty layout in the editing area. You can select and combine these types of items to build your newsletter:
    • Image - adds an image to your newsletter.
    • Text - adds text to your newsletter.
    • Button - adds a button to your newsletter to link to a website.
    • Article - adds a content block that consists of a text part and an image part. 
    • Spacer - adds a space or a line between items in your newsletter.
    • Social Share - adds social icons to enable recipients to share your newsletter on social media.
    • Social Media- adds social icons to enable recipients to follow you on social media. 
    • Html - adds a custom HTML code to your newsletter.
    • Timer - adds a visual reminder that counts down to a specific date and time for an event.
    • Video - adds a video link in your newsletter.
    • Product - adds a product from a connected store.

B. Move, duplicate, or remove an item

  1.  In the editing area, hover your mouse over an item to display the Actions menu.
  2. Click one of the options on the Actions menu:
    • Move - moves the item to a different layout in the editing area. You can move items to rearrange your design.
    • Settings - opens the right pane to display the item settings.
    • Expand - expands the menu to show additional actions for items.
    • Duplicate – creates another copy of the item including its settings.
    • Remove - deletes the item in your design.
    • Create Custom Item- saves an item for future use. After saving, you can access this custom item in the Items tab. See save custom items to learn more.

C. Edit the item settings

  1. Click the item to display the settings in the editor's right pane.
  2. Edit the settings as required in your design. See the links below to learn how to add and edit the specific settings for each item:
  3. When you're done editing your newsletter items, you can click close_right_pane_icon.pngto hide the editor's right pane and continue with your design.