The Background Image option and how you can use it to upload images inside the Editor

Images are a useful tool in grabbing your subscribers' attention, helping to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our platform's Campaign Editor enables you to include images in your newsletter using the powerful Background Image option, which connects you to various applications, allowing you to source the perfect image for your design.


Let's take a closer look at how you can use the Background Image:

1. Click on Settings, located on the left side of your Editor page.


2. Scroll down and click on the Background Image button.background_image_and_use_1.png


A pop-up window appears, with various sections corresponding to the different image sources available to you.background_image_and_use_2-new.png


3. You have the following options:

  • Recent Images - view your recently used images and re-use them, if you so desire
  • Local Files - browse for an image on your computer (Note that the image formats that we support are jpg, jpeg, png, gif)
  •  Direct Link - upload an image from the internet, by inserting the image URL into the appropriate field
  • Unsplash - browse images in the Unsplash application
  • Giphy - browse images within the Giphy application
  • Facebook - browse your Facebook images, by logging into your account
  • Google Drive - browse images from your Google account
  • Dropbox - browse images in your Dropbox account
  • Instagram - browse images from your Instagram account
  • OneDrive - browse images from your OneDrive account

In addition to finding the perfect images for your newsletter, make sure to check out the instructions on how to create the perfect structure for your newsletter, as well.