The Editor Settings and how you can use them

Getting familiar with the general settings of the Editor makes the customization of any template you pick from the Template Library really easy.

Let's see how you can use them:

A. General Settings

1. Click on the Settings button, located on the left side of your Editor page.


2. Type in the Title of your design, in the designated area.editor_settings_1.png


3. Click on the up/down arrows of the Border Width field to increase or decrease the size of your newsletter canvas.

You can also type in the exact number of pixels inside the Border Width field - the default value is 0 px.

4. Click on the Border Color option, to change the color of the newsletter's border out of a palette.

The default border color is black but you can choose whichever fits your design better.

5. Click on the Background Color option, to choose the color of the newsletter background out of a palette.


6. Click on the Background Image button, to browse on your computer or within many applications for the perfect image to upload.


7. Click on the Background repeat drop-down menu to choose the way that you want the background image to be repeated throughout the newsletter canvas.editor_settings_2.png

You can choose to repeat the image on the horizontal (x), the vertical (y) or both horizontal and vertical axes so that you can easily fill up the background space with an image of your choosing. 

8. Click on the Remove Image button, to completely remove the image you've uploaded.


9. Click on the Add Custom Fonts button to add a custom font to your design.editor_settings_3.png


10. Tick the Cascade blocks for responsiveness option, to allow the display of the slots of a row in a vertical alignment.

This option will ignore any slot padding and spacing, and it becomes very useful when you need to display your newsletter on small-width devices such as mobile phones, but it requires that the email client supports the use of media queries.

11. Tick the Use retina quality images option, to render your newsletter images in double resolution if you would like your design to be extra sharp in retina displays. Use this option with caution, as it will increase your sent image data volume fourfold. Please note that for best results your uploaded image must be at least double the displayed image's dimensions.


B. Google Promotion Settings

Enable the Google Promotion Settings in order to annotate your email in the Gmail Promotion tab.editor_settings_4.png


C. Default Settings 

Each element has its own specific group of settings, its default settings, which fully open up the design customization. These are different for each element type:

Each element description goes into more detail on the particular group of settings available for it.

Click on the + symbol before each element type, to open up the element's default setting options.Screenshot_5.png

This way you can quickly toggle between element settings when you need to. The Editor cleverly brings them up when you are working with a particular element so that they are readily available to you.