Add or remove labels for your subscription form

To add a label to a subscription form: 

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Growth tools tab and then click Subscription Forms. add_or_remove_labels_subscription_form_1.png
  2. Find the subscription form you want to add a label to and then in the Labels column, click Add_label_icon.png.add_or_remove_labels_subscription_form_2_new.png
  3. In the Add labels pop-up dialog, enter the label name and press Enter on your keyboard or click +.add_or_remove_labels_subscription_form_3.pngNote: You can add more than one label at the same time. You can also select any existing labels available in the dialog.
  4. Click Save labels to apply the label to your landing page.

To remove a subscription form's label: 

  • Find the subscription form you want to remove a label from and in the Labels column, click Delete_label_icon.png next to the label name. The label is instantly removed.add_or_remove_labels_subscription_form_4.png