Duplicate a campaign

Moosend lets you duplicate a campaign you've created so that you can create a copy of its content and settings. When you duplicate a campaign, the new campaign appears at the top of your campaign list. 

To duplicate a campaign:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Campaigns tab.
  2. Find the campaign that you want to duplicate and in the last column of the campaign, click three_dots_icon.png.
  3. Click Duplicate. You are taken to the Preview step of the campaign creation process, where you can preview your duplicated campaign.NEW2Campaignmenu.png
  4. In the menu, click the Set basic settings and click Next to continue editing your duplicated campaign. 
  5. When you have completed editing the settings of your duplicated campaign, click Send to send it out immediately, or click Save & exit located next to it, to save it and send it at a later date. NEW2duplicate.png
    Your duplicated campaign appears at the top of your list of campaigns with its name appended with Copy.
  6. If you want to rename your duplicated campaign, or make any other changes, in the last column of the duplicated campaign, click Edit_campaign_icon.png.