Add a recipient custom field in a newsletter using personalization tags

You can transform your email marketing campaigns into friendly, personalized emails by adding information about your recipients. You can add any information you've gathered from your recipients using custom Fields for gender, location, age, and so on. You can do this in the Campaign Editor by adding a custom field as a personalization tag in your newsletter design.

To add a recipient custom field in a newsletter:

  1. Open the campaign you want to edit in the Campaign Editor.
  2. In the editor’s left pane, click the Items tab.
  3. Drag and drop the Text item to an empty layout in the editing area where you want the custom field to appear.
  4. Click the Text item to display the text toolbar.
  5. Click the Personalization tags drop-down menu and select the specific custom field you want to add to your newsletter design. For example, City.
    The tag for the selected recipient custom field will be added to your text. You should see something like this: