Can you insert information from any custom field into your newsletter

Gathering information on your recipients allows you to learn things about them that will transform your email marketing campaigns into friendly, personalized emails.
All the information you have been gathering on your recipients comes in the form of Custom Fields (e.g. gender, location, age, etc.) that you add to our account. These can be included in your newsletter as text, which you will have to add on the third step of the Campaign Creation process while you define your campaign content inside our amazing Campaign Editor.


Let's see how this is done:

1. Create a Text Element and place it exactly where you want the tag to appear.insert_information_from_custom_field_newsletter_1.png


2. Click on the Text Element you just added.


3. Click on the Personalization tags drop-down list, located on the Text Parameters pop-up.insert_information_from_custom_field_newsletter_2.png


4. Choose the Custom Field you want to add to your newsletter design.

All the information you have gathered about your list in the form of Custom Fields can be used as Personalization Tags inside your designs. If you truly want to customize each campaign to feel like a personal email you should learn more about our platform's personalization tags and improve the way you use them.