Can your recipients view your newsletter on their browsers if it is not displayed correctly

There is no reason for you to worry that your newsletter campaign won't be displayed correctly. That being said, email clients can sometimes be mischievous so it is always a good idea to give your subscribers the option to view your campaign directly on their browsers.

Such an option can be added inside the content of your campaign on the third step of the Campaign Creation process. Let's see how this is achieved:

A. Using HTML

Your first option is to add the relevant tag inside your HTML manually, along with an appropriate phrase, like "If you can't see this newsletter correctly you can view it in your browser".

The tag you'll need to use is this:  

<a href=' http://#trackingDomain#/show_campaign/#campaign:key#/#recipient:key#'> If you can't see this newsletter correctly you can view it in your browser</a>

B. Using the Campaign Editor

If you are accustomed to using our Campaign Editor to design your newsletters then rest assured that it provides a quick and easy way to a View in Browser option inside your design.

1. Place a Text Element exactly where you want the View in Browser link to appear.newsletter_not_displayed_correctly_1.png


2. Click on the Text Element you just added.


3. Click on the Personalization tags drop-down list, located on the Text Parameters pop-up.newsletter_not_displayed_correctly_2.png


4. Choose the View in Browser option from the drop-down list.newsletter_not_displayed_correctly_3.png

Your recipients will now be able to click a link and enjoy your newsletter from inside their browser, without any email clients involved.

There are more personalization tags like these available for you to use. It is worth looking into them as they are extremely handy and can be valuable for your newsletters.