How does forwarding your campaign relate to accidental unsubscribes

A beautiful and handy newsletter gives your recipients the means to share the news of your business with their contacts. That is why our platform gives you the option to capitalize on the eagerness of your subscribers to spread the good word of your great campaigns by adding a Forward to a Friend personalization tag inside your campaign.

The pros are twofold:

  • It's quicker and thus more likely that one of your subscribers will forward your campaign if the option is right there at his disposal. While the intrigue of your campaign lasts they click on a link and dispatch it to their friends. As simple as that.

  • You don't get accidental unsubscribes. It is obvious that each unsubscribe personalization tag is associated with each particular subscriber. Forwarding your campaign through their email client, your subscribers send the campaign as-is, including their personal unsubscribe link. If the recipient of the forwarded campaign decides to click on it, your original subscriber will stop receiving your newsletters.

So, by adding a Forward to a Friend link in all your email marketing campaigns, you indulge your subscribers to spread all the great campaigns you create for them. In addition to that, you don't risk losing subscribers as the Forward to a Friend personalization tag creates new versions of your campaign when they get forwarded (ones that don't include an unsubscribe link since the newsletter doesn't go to a subscriber).