The Social Share and how you can use it to design your landing page

Your landing page should get your visitors so excited that they respond to your content and share it with their peers. Just use our platform's Landing Page Designer and we expect you to raise your social media status in no time.

That's why we made sure that our Landing Page Designer gives you and your subscribers the option to share your landing page with a quick click. Social Share buttons are easy to add and even easier to adjust to your liking. After you're done setting up your landing page Structure inside the Designer, among the different Elements you will have at your disposal is the Social Share button.

Let's see how you can factor it in your designs:

A. Adding the Social Share Element

1. Click on the Elements button, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.social_share_in_landing_page_design_1.png


2. Drag and drop the Social Share element to the Container of your choice.social_share_in_landing_page_design_2.png


B. Social Share General Settings

1. Click on the Social Share element inside your design.

Its settings instantly come up on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page. Further, hovering over the Social Share element you have added will produce a toolbar that allows you to RemoveMove, or Duplicate the Social Share Element, or reveal its settings to the left of the Designer page.

2. Click on the Background Color field to bring up a palette by which you will choose the color of the element's background.social_share_in_landing_page_design_3.png


3. Click on a social icon, located inside the Social Share settings, to add or remove the respective button from your landing page canvas.

Added buttons are indicated by a blue icon, whereas white icons indicate not-added buttons.

4. Fill in the appropriate Share URL field.


5. Click on the up/down arrows in the Spacing area to set the distance between the added buttons.

 You can also type in any number from 0 to 2000 to set the exact spacing number of your liking in the field next to the arrows.

6. Click on the Alignment drop-down menu and choose the alignment of the buttons on your design.


7. Click on the Icon Style drop-down menu and choose the icon style that best fits your design from the options available.