Add and edit a spacer item in a landing page

One of the items in the Landing Page Designer that you can use in designing your landing pages is a spacer. You can use spacers to add a space, a block of color, or a line between items in your landing page. Adding spacers allows you to finetune your design and prevent your content from looking crowded.

After adding a layout, you can add a spacer item to your design. 

To add a spacer item:

  1. In the designer’s left pane, click the Items tab.
  2. Drag and drop the Spacer item to an empty container in the editing area.
  3. Click the item to display the Spacer settings in the designer’s right pane. You can set the following:
    • Background Color: select the background color of the spacer item. The default color is transparent.
    • Height: enter the height or use the up and down arrows to edit the size in pixels (px) of the spacer. The default height is 40 px.
      Note: In the editing area, you can also drag the arrows of the spacer item to resize it to a minimum of 5 px. If you need to resize the spacer up to 1 px, enter the value in the Height field.