The Spacer and how you can use it to design your landing page

You will find Spacers along with the other available design Elements inside the Elements category on the left side of your Landing Page Designer.  

To add and customize the Spacer element just follow the steps below:

A. Adding the Spacer element

1. Click on the Elements button on the vertical menu, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.spacer_landing_page_1.png

You will find the Spacer element among the options available on the list that appears.

2. Drag and drop the Spacer in-between the elements you want to distance.spacer_landing_page_2.png


B. Customizing the Spacer element

A Spacer's default setting is set to transparent with a 40 px height. You can fully customize its style to fit your exact needs.

1. Click on the Spacer element inside your design.

 The Spacer Settings instantly come to view on the left side of the Landing Page Designer.

2. Click on the Background Color field of the Spacer Settings to select the color that best fits your current design.spacer_landing_page_3.png


3. Click on the up/down arrows of the Height field of the Spacer Settings to increase or decrease the size of your Spacer.

You can also type in the exact number of pixels within the Height field.

4. Drag the double-pointed arrow, located at the bottom of the Spacer to adjust its height.spacer_landing_page_4.png

Keep in mind that the minimum setting is 5 px.