Save your subscription form design as a template in the Form Designer

Once you have made all necessary adjustments, it is possible that your subscription form design turns out so perfect that it will be worth keeping it as a starting point for all your future designs. You might also prefer working with the same basic template every time you create a new subscription form, just by changing its content.

Having said that, our platform's Form Designer allows you to freely save your design as a template for later use. This means you get to save time by working on your ideal design now and then quickly recalling it for your everyday use later.

To save your design as a template just follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Save Template button on the top left corner of your Form Designer page.save_subscription_form_design_as_template_1.png

Make sure that you hit the right save option button between Save Draft and Save Template. If in doubt, just hover your mouse over each icon to get a small tag of their functionality.

2. Fill in the name of your template in the Template Name field and then click on the Save button.save_subscription_form_design_as_template_2.png

You just saved your first template. You can always return to it via the Template Library and use it as a starting point for your next subscription form.