Preview your subscription form

A great advantage of designing a subscription form using the Form Designer is that you can preview what your subscription form is going to look like before you are done, ensuring that you make any necessary adjustments along the way. After you have created your subscription form and defined its basic settings and design, you will be able to view what it looks like thus far. There are three ways to preview your subscription form:

A. Preview your subscription form through the Design step

1. Click on the Design tab to the left of your page when you are in the subscription form creation menu.


2. You can preview your subscription form on the right side of the page.preview_subscription_form_1.png


3. If you are happy with your subscription form Template so far, click Next to continue.


4. If you are not completely satisfied with how your subscription form currently looks, click the Go to editor button to go to the Form Designer and make any adjustments you like.


B. Preview your subscription form inside the Designer

1. Click on the Preview button located at the top of your Form Designer page.preview_subscription_form_2.png


2. Select the device type, to see what your design looks like depending on what device your visitors are using to view it.preview_subscription_form_3.png

If necessary, you can edit the Mobile version of your subscription form, to make sure that your subscription form looks perfect, even when viewed on a mobile phone.


3. Click on Back to Edit Mode to exit the Preview Mode and continue working on your design.


C. Preview your subscription form from the subscription form list menu.
1. Find the subscription form you wish to preview, then click on the three-dots menu located to the far right of the subscription form name.preview_subscription_form_4.png


2. Click on the Preview option in the drop-down menu that appears.

The subscription form preview will open in a new tab.


Note that previewing your subscription form by using this final option will automatically enable tracking of your subscription form and will affect its statistics, even if it is still unpublished.

You can keep going back to preview how your subscription form looks as often as you like during the process and we actually recommend that you do.