How does the "When someone exits any page" trigger work

If you connect your website to our platform and start identifying your website users, you should take advantage of this connection by designing your own automation workflows. One of the available trigger types is the "When someone exits any page" - this trigger reacts by firing off your automation when someone exits either any page on any of your connected websites or any page on a specific website that you manage. 

There are two parameters that you need to define on this type of trigger:

1. You need to choose whether your automation will be triggered for every exit intent, or whether it will be triggered on the first exit-intent only.exit_any_page_trigger_1.png


2. The second parameter you need to define is the website(s) where the page browse needs to take place in order to trigger your automation.

You can find a list of the websites that you manage on the drop-down menu, as well as an option to track all of your websites. Choosing a specific one means that events from all other websites will be ignored. After you are done, click on the Save button to have your trigger ready and waiting inside your workflow. 

You just took the first step to create your own automation which will be triggered whenever someone exits any page on your website. To move ahead with your current design you should take a look at how to use the Conditional / Control steps and how to use Actions