The anchor and how you can use it in your landing page design

After you have started defining the structure of your landing page you should begin adding elements to it and filling it with content. Our platform's Landing Page Designer tends to enhance common options to more creative capabilities - a good example of this is by adding Anchors to your text. 

A. Adding an anchor

1. Drag and drop a Text item in the Container of your choice.

2. Click on the Text item to display the Text settings in the editor’s right pane. 

3. In the Content tab, in the text field, enter the text by typing it directly or pasting the text.
Note: You will be using parts of the text as an anchor and other parts as links that lead to the anchor. It's best to use related words or phrases so that it makes sense what each link does. Your subscribers won't be seeing the anchors but they will know a link when they see it.

4. Select the part of the text that you want to use as an anchor. The selected text is highlighted in blue.

5. ClickAnchor_icon.png to add the anchor.

6. In the Anchor dialog, enter the ID, and then click Save. After saving, an anchor symbol is added next to the text.

Β. Adding a link to the anchor

1. In the Content tab, select the text you want to act as a link to your anchor. The selected text is highlighted in blue.

2. Click Add_link_icon.png or press Ctrl+L on your keyboard.
3. In the Insert/Edit Link dialog, in the Anchors drop-down list, select an anchor from the list of anchors you've added before.

4. Click Save.