The HTML element and how you can use it

So you just came up with a great idea for your next landing page and you can think of no tool that covers it. With our platform, all you need to do is take advantage of our open-ended HTML options - you can pretty much do whatever you wish using the Landing Page Designer. As soon as you have defined your landing page structure you can also begin adding elements to it - what you are looking for is called an HTML element.

An HTML element is a type of element that allows you to effortlessly add your innovative HTML code to your landing page; for example, your very own header or footer.

Let's see how you can add one to your structure by way of an example:

A. Adding an HTML element

1. Click on the Elements button, located on the left side of your Editor page.html_element_landing_page_2.png


2. Drag and drop the HTML element into an empty container inside that you have previously added to your landing page.html_element_landing_page_3.png


B. Working with the HTML element

1. Click on the Click Here to insert your HTML area.


2. Grab a free countdown timer HTML code from one of the readily available options out there (here's one random option).

Make sure that the available settings are as you want them to be and then copy the code provided.

3. Paste the code snippet right before the </div> tag inside your Html element.html_element_landing_page_4.png

Ιt's an easy process that will allow you to implement all the amazing ideas you have now that you know how to add your own HTML elements.