The padding and how you can use it to design your landing page

When editing your landing page design's layout, each layout comes with its own fully customizable group of settings. One of the most useful options contained in the settings is Padding. 

To edit the Padding:

  1. In the editing area, hover your mouse over a layout to display the Actions menu.
    Note: Make sure that you choose a layout that has any type of item in it. This way, you can clearly see how changing the Padding option actually affects the look of your newsletter design.
  2. Click Settings to display the Layout settings in the designer's right pane.
  3. In Padding, enter the height or use the up and down arrows to edit the layout height from 0 to 2000 pixels. Increasing the amount increases the left and right lining of the particular layout and subsequently decreases the space available for the layout's slots.

Note: It is easy to see that whatever you have added inside the slot or slots of the layout changes in size when you change the Padding. You might want to momentarily change the Layout Color other than the default transparent one so that the padding stands out more.