Add a Double opt-in verification link in a newsletter using personalization tags

One of the important links that you can add to your newsletter is a Double Opt-in Verification link. You can use this link using personalization tags to enable your subscribers to confirm their subscription after signing up to your email marketing list.

To add a Double Opt-in verification link using the Campaign Editor:

  1. Open the campaign you want to edit in the Campaign Editor.
  2. In the editor’s left pane, click the Items tab.
  3. Drag and drop the Text item to an empty layout in the editing area.
  4. Click the Text item to display the Text settings in the editor’s right pane. 
  5. In the Content tab, in the text field, enter the text that you want to display as a verification link by typing it directly or pasting the text.
  6. Select the part of the text that you want to use as a link. The selected text is highlighted in blue.
  7. ClickAdd_link_icon.png or press Ctrl+L on your keyboard.
  8. In the Insert/Edit Link dialog, in the Personalization Tags drop-down menu, select Double Opt-in Verification Link.
  9. Click Save.