Add the verification link in your newsletter

We know that being able to add Links inside your newsletter is of utmost importance. All the more reason to have a verification link available inside your newsletter for your subscribers to confirm whichever action you need them to.


Adding the Verification Link
1. Drag and drop a Text Element in the Container of your choice.add_verification_link_in_newsletter_1.png


2. Click on the Text Element you just added.


3. Type in the text of your choice in the available area.add_verification_link_newsletter_3.png


4. Select the text you want to act like a link.


5. Click on the Link button, located on the text editor area above your Text Element.add_verification_link_newsletter_4.png

Alternatively, you can use the (Ctrl+L) key combo. A pop-up window appears.

6. Click on the Personalization Tags drop-down menu, located on the Link Info tab of the Link pop-up and choose: Double Opt-in Verification Link.add_verification_link_newsletter_5.png


7. Then click the OK button.