Add the verification link in your newsletter

We know that being able to add links inside your newsletter is of utmost importance. All the more reason to have a verification link available inside your newsletter for your subscribers to confirm whichever action you need them to.


Adding the Verification Link
1. Drag and drop Text Element in the Container of your choice.add_verification_link_in_newsletter_1.png


2. Click on the Text Element you just added.


3. Type in the text of your choice in the available area.add_verification_link_newsletter_3.png


4. Select the text you want to act like a link.


5. Click on the Link button, located on the text editor area above your Text Element.add_verification_link_newsletter_4.png

Alternatively, you can use the (Ctrl+L) key combo. A pop-up window appears.

6. Click on the Personalization Tags drop-down menu, located on the Link Info tab of the Link pop-up and choose: Double Opt-in Verification Link.add_verification_link_newsletter_5.png


7. Then click the OK button.