Reactivate an inactive recipient

Having a member of one of your email lists set as inactive can be the result of different reasons. It's worth investigating why this occurs before you move ahead with reactivating them.

Here are the reasons why our platform automatically sets a recipient as inactive:

  • They have reported one of your email campaigns as spam.

  • They unsubscribed by clicking on the unsubscribe link located inside every newsletter campaign you send.

  • hard bounce occurred resulting in their email being automatically archived from your email lists.

  • soft bounce repeatedly occurred resulting in their email being automatically deleted from your email lists.

If you are certain that your inactive recipient was set as such due to bounces from a spelling error on their email address which you intend to correct, or if you accidentally removed the recipient from your email list, you can always reactive their email following our reactivating procedure which is described below:


1. Once inside your email list, click on the View all members button.


2. Click on the bounced Email address that you wish to edit.reactivate_inactive_recipient_1.png


3. Edit the email address of your bounced subscriber by typing it in the corresponding Email field and then, tap on the Update member button.reactivate_inactive_recipient_2.png

After this process, your member will have the status Active again on the corresponding column.

We strongly advise you not to reactivate a recipient’s address if they have unsubscribed from your list or if they reported one of your campaigns. However, if you insist on proceeding for a reason which does not violate our terms and conditions you can always re-subscribe a member to your email list.