The report you can get for your regular campaign

You can use Campaign Overview to view information about your campaign as soon as they happen, without having to tackle different statistics on different pages. The Campaign Overview allows you to see multiple charts pertaining to the performance of each newsletter you have sent out. 

To find the Campaign Overview for a regular campaign:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Reports tab and click Campaign Reports.Snag_1561b0d4.png
  2. Click the name of the campaign whose reports you want to access.Snag_15627ed3.png
  3. In the Performance overview tab, check the campaign name, ID, and type, followed by general information about your campaign (Subject, Sender, Mailing List / Segment, Delivered).Snag_156b81b5.png
  4. In the four boxes under general information, check the following sections: 
    • Recipients - The total number of recipients of your campaign.
    • Opens - The open rate of your campaign. This percentage is calculated as follows: Open Rate = Unique Opens / (Total Recipients – Bounces). If you have sent a campaign to 100 recipients and you have 20 unique opens, open rate percentage is 20%.
      • Unique opens
        The number of unique recipients who have opened your campaign. If you have sent a campaign to 500 recipients and half of them have opened it, then the Unique opens are 250. Unique opens do not include how many times a single recipient has opened a campaign - even if the same person opens a campaign 10 times, it only counts as one Unique open.
      • Total opens
        The total number of recipients that have opened the campaign. If a recipient has opened his campaign 10 times, our platform calculates 10 total opens and 1 unique open.
    • Clicks - The percentage of recipients who clicked your campaign. The number of unique link clicks is also displayed.
    • Unsubscribes - The percentage of the recipients that have clicked on the unsubscribe link included in your campaign. The total number of recipients who unsubscribed is also displayed.
  5. In the Opens/Links clicked by section, you can view the statistics about unique opens and unique link clicks for your chosen campaign. You can click the Hour and Day tabs to change the time frame of the graph. You can also click on the options Unique Opens or Unique Link Clicks to see the graph separately for each option.Snag_15e2e0ea.png
  6. In the Campaign Status section, you can see a pie-chart that shows the following information: 
    • Opened - The percentage of emails that were opened.
    • Not Opened - The percentage of emails that were not opened.
    • Bounced - Your campaign's bounce rate (the percentage of emails not delivered due to a bounce). 
  7. If you scroll down below the Performance overview, you get additional information about your campaign's "Top" performing settings and characteristics.Snag_19fe5b42.pngCheck the following sections: 
    • Top recipients - The recipients who opened the campaign the most times.
    • Top custom fields - The total opens of your campaign, broken down by the values of openers' custom fields.
    • Top locations - Shows the cities where the most opens took place.
    • Top Links - The links that were clicked the most.
    • Mostly viewed on - Shows which clients and devices your engaged subscribers mostly use.
  8. In the Desktop and Mobile section, you can view the open and click statistics based on whether they originate from desktops, laptops, or another device.
  9. In all sections mentioned, you can click three_dots_icon.pngin the top right corner to send the information to your account's email in CSV format, or to download it as a PDF (just select your preferred format from the drop-down menu which appears). 
    Note: The PDF option downloads the graph as it is displayed on your screen, whereas the CSV option sends you the full data used to produce the graph as a CSV file.
  10. To access additional options for the report in the Performance overview tab, click three_dots_icon.png.
  11. Click Share Current Section to share the campaign report tab you are currently viewing with third parties. You can share for example the content inside the Performance overview tab, the Recipient Activity tab, etc.
  12. Other options available are the following:
    • View Design - allows you to view your newsletter design.
    • Click Print - allows you to print the section of the report that is currently open on your screen.
    • Delete Campaign - Allows you to delete the campaign from within the report.
    • Duplicate Campaign - Allows you to duplicate the campaign from within the report.
    • Duplicate for non-openers - Allows you to duplicate the campaign for non-openers. Your duplicated campaign will appear at the top of your list of campaigns, and the automatically created email list will consist specifically of the non-openers of the original campaign.