If you delete, archive, or unsubscribe subscribers manually, will the action apply to all email lists?

Manually deleting, archiving, or unsubscribing a member from your email list is a simple and quick process, which is available to help you arrange your email lists according to preference. It is not meant to replace the various ways that our platform provides whether you want to import more members or archive members from your current lists.

This means that when a list member is deleted, archived, or unsubscribed manually, this action applies only to the email list specified and not to all the email lists that the said member belongs to.

If you would like the action to be applied to all lists, you can do so through the Bulk Actions option of your email list. Whether you want to delete, archive or unsubscribe a member manually and from various lists simultaneously, you can select the Apply to all email lists checkbox that appears at the last tab of any of the procedures mentioned.NEW4Paste4.png