The report you can get for your AB split campaigns

The AB Overview section of your report can provide you with tons of important information concerning the overall performance of your AB campaign.

Let's take a closer look:


A. Finding the AB Overview

1. At the top of your Dashboard page, hover your mouse over the Reports tab to reveal the drop-down menu and then click on the Campaign Reports option.campaign_overview_AB_test_1.png


2. Click on the name of the campaign whose performance you want to view.


3. You will be redirected to the Performance overview page, where you should tap on the AB performance overview tab on the vertical menu on the left.


B. Navigating the Campaign Overview

1. At the very top of your AB performance overview page, the campaign name and type are displayed, followed by general information about your AB campaign and its settings.ab_testing_overview_1-new.png


The following AB campaign settings are available for your review:

  • AB Winner
    Which of the two campaigns was the winning campaign.
  • Split by
    Whether the campaign was split by subject line, content, or "from" name.
  • Winner by
    The criteria based on which the winning campaign surpassed the other campaign.
  • Split settings
    The percentage of your email list selected for AB split testing.

2. In the graph below the general information, you can see information on the Opens and Clicks of both campaign A and campaign B (each represented by a different color).


3. Click on the Opens or Clicks tab to switch from one view to the other.ab_testing_overview_2.png


4. If you wish, click on  "A" or "B" in the top right corner of the graph to deselect the campaign of your choice, such that only one campaign's performance is visible in the graph.ab_testing_overview_3.png


You can also click on the three-dots icon in the top right corner above each graph to send the information in CSV format to your account's email, or to download it as a pdf (just select your preferred format from the drop-down menu that appears).ab_testing_overview_4.png

Note that the pdf option downloads the graph as it is displayed on your screen, whereas the CSV option sends you the full data used to produce the graph as a CSV file.


5. In the boxes below the graph, you can see information and statistics on each campaign's Recipients, OpensClicks, and Unsubscribes.

Note that the winning campaign information is always represented by the colored row of boxes, whereas the losing campaign's information is represented by the greyed-out row of boxes.

C. Additional options

Click on the three-dots icon at the very top right corner of your AB Overview, to open a drop-down menu of actions you can take in terms of your AB campaign report, as well as the AB campaign itself.ab_testing_overview_5.png


Your options are:

  • View Design
    Allows you to view your newsletter design. If you have split your AB campaign by content, this option becomes View Design A and View Design B, allowing you to view the different designs for campaign A and campaign B.

  • Share Current Section
    Allows you to share the campaign report tab you are currently viewing (ΑΒ Overview), with third parties. 

1. Click on Share Current Section in the drop-down menu. 

A pop-up window appears.    


2. Toggle the Make this item public option to On.   

A copyable url appears. Anyone you share the url with will be able to view the specific section of the campaign report that you chose to share.
Note that when you disable the Make this item public option and then enable it again, the sharing url will change, and the previous sharing url will no longer work.

  •  Print
    Allows you to print the section of the report that is currently open on your screen.

  • Delete Campaign
    Allows you to delete the campaign from within the report.

  • Duplicate Campaign
    Allows you to duplicate the campaign from within the report.