Add and edit a text item in a landing page

One of the items in the Landing Page Designer that you can use in designing your landing pages is text. You can add text content to your landing pages in combination with other items to make it appealing to your subscribers. Using text ensures that your landing page is readable and contains the most important information about your campaign.

After adding a layout, you can add a text item to your design.

A. Add a text item

  1. In the designer's left pane, click the Items tab.
  2. Drag and drop the Text item to an empty layout in the editing area.
  3. Click the Text item to display the text toolbar and the Text settings in the designer’s right pane.
  4. Enter the text you want to add by typing it directly or pasting your text.

B. Edit the text settings

  1. Click the Text item to display the Text settings in the designer’s right pane.
  2. You can either scroll down to view the available settings or use the Search field to enter the name of the setting you want to edit. You can set the following:
    • Background Color: select the background color of the text. The default color is transparent.
    • Shadow Settings: click to edit the horizontal or vertical shadow length, adjust the blur and spread radius, shadow color, and then click Apply.
    • Border Width: enter the text border width or use updownarrow.png to edit the width.
    • Border Color: select the text border color.
    • Border Radius: enter the radius or use updownarrow.png to edit the text border radius from 0 (rectangle) to 2000 (circle).
    • Padding: clickPadding.png to display the padding options: Padding TopPadding BottomPadding Left and Padding Right, then enter the row padding or use updownarrow.png to edit the padding from 0 to 2000.

C. Use the text toolbar

  1. Click the Text item to display the text toolbar.
  2. Select the entire text or a part of the text that you want to edit. The selected text is highlighted in blue.
  3. Use the options in the text toolbar to edit the text: 
    • New document: clears all text in the Text item.
    • Cut: removes selected text and saves it to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it in elsewhere.
    • Copy: copies selected text and saves it to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it in elsewhere.
    • Paste as text: pastes previously cut or copied text which you have previously cut/copied without any formatting or styling.
      Important: We recommend to use CTRL+Shift+V to paste in plain text format to avoid any formatting issues.
    • Increase/Decrease indent: adjusts the indentation of the selected text by moving the text to the right or to the left. 
    • Insert/Edit Link: select the text that you want to hyperlink and click this to add or edit the link. You can specify the URL or email address for the link.
    • Remove Link: select a hyperlink in your text and click this to remove the hyperlink. Removing  the hyperlink does not remove the linked text.
    • Open link: select a hyperlink in your text and click this to open the linked URL in a new tab.
    • Numbered List |Bulleted List: converts selected text to a numbered or bulleted list format.
    • Blockquote: adds quotation formatting to the selected text.
    • Align Left | Align Right | Align Center | Justify: adjusts text alignment.
    • Bold | Italic | Strikethrough | Underlined: applies common formatting options to your text.  
    • Clear Formatting: removes all formatting from the selected text.
    • Text Color Background Color: applies presets colors to your text or background. You can click Custom colorColor_picker_icon.png for more color options.
    • Line Height: adjusts the spacing between lines with options ranging from 1 (single line) to 2 (double line).
    • Blocks: select from a variety of block formatting styles to customize your text, such as Paragraph or Heading 1.
    • Fonts Font size: choose from a list of commonly used font types and sizes (in pixels).
      Tip: If you want to use custom fonts instead, you'll have to first add a custom font in the designer settings before it appears in the Fonts drop-down menu. 
    • Spellcheck: click to select the language you want to use to spellcheck your text. Words with spelling errors will be underlined in red.
    • Source code: click to edit the HTML code of your text, useful for manual changes such as font weight
    • File: click to upload a file and attach it to your subscription form. The file must not exceed 20MB.