The Landing Page Designer Drafts and how you can use them

It is only normal that you have had a change of mind. Even more so if you are trying your best to design a beautiful and effective landing page. That is why we added a few options to our Landing Page Designer, which will be of great assistance to you as you reassess your work to make it reach perfection.


Let's see how you can get crafty with drafts:

A. Saving a Draft

1. Click on the disk-shaped Save Draft button, located on the top left corner of your Designer page.landing_page_designer_drafts_1.png

Make sure that you choose the leftmost disk-shaped button. A green pop-up window appears to inform you that the draft has been saved. If you haven't made any changes, the same pop-up will let you know that saving a new draft is unnecessary.

B. Loading a Draft

1. Click on the Drafts button, in the form of a folder, located on the top left side of your Designer page.landing_page_designer_drafts_2.png

A list with all available drafts, sorted from newest to oldest, appears on the left side of your screen. Drafts are indicated by date and time of creation, so it's easy to figure out which one was the last one you worked on. Auto-saved drafts are marked accordingly.

2. Click on the draft you want to work on.landing_page_designer_drafts_3.png


3. Click the OK button on the pop-up window that appears.

By restoring a draft, any unsaved data of your current work will be lost. If you change your mind you can always click on the Cancel button.

4. Click on the BACK TO EDIT MODE button, located on the top left side corner of the Drafts page, if you change your mind and don't want to take advantage of any draft that you have made so far.landing_page_designer_drafts_4.png

You are now ready to work on the selected version of your design. Don't forget that you always have the option of going back and forth to other design versions if you wish.