How many email lists can you have in our platform?

There are three key elements in our way of thinking about your email lists that are integral to how the platform's architecture is built around your needs and how it makes our platform an amazing tool for all your email marketing work: 

We do not restrict the way you work

Sending email campaigns is about being free to make your newsletters efficient. Our platform gives you the freedom to set up as many email lists as you need to make the most out of your campaigns. You could, for example, have a main list with all your recipients and then create as many sub-lists of that main list as you wish. Duplicating a campaign and sending it to another email list only takes one click. 

We only count unique recipients

Check the top right corner of your dashboard to see the number of unique members from all your lists. We only count the unique recipients in your email lists, which means you won't be charged extra for duplicates between lists. Therefore, you can work with your lists in whichever way you like.

We love efficiency

If having many sub-lists is not your style, you can just as easily keep all your contacts in one list and create custom fields to help you keep all the information about your subscribers there. Use our advanced list segmentation features to optimize targeting your audience and boost your campaign performance.

Note that keeping tabs is extremely easy with our platform. See how you can create a new email list in your account on our platform.