The report you can get for your email lists

To check the statistics regarding your email lists, our platform has provided you with reports that you can easily keep track of via your email list's Dashboard tab. You can view multiple charts pertaining to the performance of each newsletter you have sent out.

To find the email list report:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab, and then click Email lists.NEWEmailList.png
  2. Find the email list whose report you want to view.NEW5filteremail.png
  3. On the Dashboard tab, you can view general information about your email list, such as the number of Active, Unsubscribed, Bounced and Archived Recipients contained in it.
  4. Below the general information, the list's Growth, Source, Engagement by Tag, Engagement Breakdown, and Top Locations are displayed respectively. 
  5. In the Growth by section, check the statistics about the total number of subscribes/unsubscribes for your chosen email list over time. Click the available Week, Month, or Quarter tabs to select the timeframe.
  6. In the Source by section, check the sources from which the members have subscribed to your email list over time. Click the available Week, Month, or Quarter tabs to select the time frame.
  7. In the Engagement by Tag section, view the engaged subscribers based on their total opens or their total clicks.
  8. In the Engagement Breakdown section, you can see a pie chart that compares your members' engagement based on their total campaign opens. It is divided into three categories: None: 0 total opens, Low: < 3 total opens, High: > 3 total opens. 
  9. In the final section, in Top Locations, you can see the the countries and cities where the most opens took place for this particular email list. You can toggle between the two available options: Country or City.
  10. In all sections mentioned, you can click three_dots_icon.pngin the top right corner to send the information to your account's email in CSV format, or to download it as a PDF (just select your preferred format from the drop-down menu which appears). 
    Note: The PDF option downloads the graph as it is displayed on your screen, whereas the CSV option sends you the full data used to produce the graph as a CSV file.
  11. To share the entire report on the Dashboard tab, click three_dots_icon.pngand click Share entire report.Snag_19f088ce.png
  12. To print the entire report, click Print