Install website tracking using supported plugins

Moosend supports website tracking plugins that let you track the website behavior of your visitors, ghost users, and logged-in users and perform segmentation or set up automated workflows. By recording the actions your users perform on your website, you can use the information to provide users a more personalized experience. For example, you can relate user actions such as page views, add-to-cart events, to sending Cart Abandonment campaigns, Product Recommendation campaigns, adding to mailing lists automatically, and so on.
Note: You can check the different types of product information that can be tracked using plugins.

To install a website tracking plugin after adding your website:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Account_icon.png and click Websites.
  2. Click the URL of the website you want to track to display the Connect your website page.
    Here you can see your domain and your website ID. NEWinstallwebsitetracking.png
  3. Click the Install connection script tab, navigate to the plugin that is compatible with your website, and click Install.
  4. Use the instructions to install and setup tracking using the following plugins: