Why hasn't your campaign been delivered even though you scheduled it?

If you have properly setup up your campaign and scheduled it to be dispatched but it remains undelivered, even when it should have been sent to your recipients, you should first take a look at the following information.
These are the most common occurrences why your email marketing campaign has not been dispatched:

  • You don't have enough credits on your Credit plan
    Remember, each credit on your Credit Plan equals sending one email to one recipient. If you are trying to send your campaign to more recipients than the credits currently available in your account, it is possible that your Campaign Status will be indicated as Queued for sending. This status will not change until you purchase the number of credits needed for the campaign to be sent to the entirety of the list you have set as your target.
  • Your Monthly plan needs to be upgraded
    Check your Monthly billing plan to make sure that the number of recipients on your email list does not exceed the maximum number allowed by your current plan. You will not be able to dispatch a campaign until you purchase an appropriate billing plan for your account, one that can accommodate the size of your current list of recipients.

If none of the above reasons is relevant to your issue, you can contact our support team for assistance.