Connect Convertful to Moosend

By connecting Convertful to Moosend, you can easily integrate your account with our platform and create widgets that can perform different actions to grow and segment your email lists.

A. Connect Convertful to Moosend

To connect Convertful to Moosend:

  1. Log in to your Convertful account and go to your site.
  2. On the top menu, click Integrations and then click Add Integration.convertful_integration_1-new.png
  3. On the Choose Integration Type page, find and click Moosend.
  4. In the Account API Key field, enter your Moosend API key and click Connect.convertful_integration_4.png
  5. On the Moosend page, select the email lists that relate to your site and click Save Changes
  6. In the Default List drop-down menu, select your default list. Each widget automatically adds subscribers to your selected default list.
    Note: The default settings are not mandatory and you can always specify a custom list manually for each specific widget while editing its button's actions.convertful_integration_5.png
  7. If your subscribers have given their consent to be added to the email list, toggle the Added members have given their subscription consent switch.
  8. To map your Convertful and Moosend custom fields, match the given fields  in the Convertful Field column to the Moosend Custom Field column.convertful_integration_6.png

B. Add Moosend integration-related actions 

Convertful's widget builder allows you to use buttons to perform different actions and their combinations on a single click. When editing a widget's button, you can go to its settings to add actions to it. You can add the following Moosend integration-related actions to your widget button:

  • Add contact with default settings
  • Add contact to list
  • Update custom field

To add an action to a widget:

  1. Go to Button Settings and click On Submit Actionsconvertful_integration_7.png
  2. Click Add Action.convertful_integration_8.png
  3. Scroll down to find Moosend and select an action from the list.