Upload wide background images for your landing page

Adding images to your landing page design is an easy and effective way to catch your visitors' attention.
After you define your landing page structure using the various Containers available inside our platform's Landing Page Designer, you should also start adding Elements to each available slot, filling the structure with content. Each Container you use comes with its own fully customizable group of Container settings, one of which is the option to upload an image, allowing you to upload an image as a background for this particular Container.

Let's see how it works:

A. Adding an Image

1. Click on the Settings symbol, appearing on the right side of the Container when you place your mouse over it.uploade_wide_background_1.png

You have two types of background images to choose from: Content Background Image and Wide Background Image. When you select Content Background Imageyour selected image will be applied within your structure’s width. When you select Wide Background Image, on the other hand, your chosen image will cover the whole width of the row, from one far end of the page to the other. 

2. Go to the Wide Background Image field and tap on the Image Picker button to upload a file from your computer or pick one from the internet using any of the various sources available.


B. Changing an Image

1. Click on the Image Picker button, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.uploade_wide_background_2.png

This option only appears only after you have already uploaded a background image. As before, you will have to browse for an image to replace the one you have previously uploaded.

2. Click on the Remove Image button, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.

Once again, this option appears only after you have already uploaded a background image into your design, allowing you to remove the image you have uploaded in case you change your mind.

Now that you are familiar with how a background image can be added, replaced, or removed you should also take a look at how to use an image to quickly fill up the background of a row. Take advantage of your new tools to tweak your design and make it look just perfect.