Add a new payment method

If you have just decided which Subscription Plan fits your needs best and are about to purchase it, or you just want to add a new payment method for future use, you will find the way to do so right below.

There are two very simple ways to add a new payment method to your account in our platform depending on whether you want to add it before or after the checkout process.

A. Adding a new payment method before going to the checkout process

1. Click on the Account icon located at the top right of your account page and then, tap on the Billing option on the drop-down menu that appears.add_new_payment_method_1.png


2. Click on the Payment methods tab, on the menu that appears.add_new_payment_method_2.png


3. Tap on the Add new button.add_new_payment_method_3.png


4. Select if you want to add a Card or a PayPal account.


5. Fill in your details and click on the button Add payment method.add_new_payment_method_4.png

Your new payment method has been saved.


B. Adding a new payment method on checkout

1. If you have already selected a Plan to purchase, you will be redirected to the checkout page.
In case you added a payment method before, you will see it available for selection here, but also there is an option to add a new payment method by tapping on the Add new button.add_new_payment_method_5.png


2. Select if you want to add a Card or a PayPal account.


3. Fill in your details and click on the button Validate details and complete payment to complete your purchase with this card.add_new_payment_method_6.png


Don't forget that you can add multiple payment methods in case you want to use them in the future. Furthermore, you can always delete a payment method if you don't wish to use it again.