Downgrade your Plan

In case you are on a Subscription Plan and you want to downgrade your plan, you can do this through your account in our platform at any time.

Just keep in mind that if you downgrade your plan while you are in the middle of your current billing circle, the changes will be applied on the next billing cycle. For the current billing circle, you can continue using the plan you chose for that month.  


To downgrade your Plan, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Account icon located at the top right of your account page and then, tap on the Billing option on the drop-down menu that appears.downgrade_plan_1.png


2. Click on the Change Plan button.downgrade_plan_2.png


3. Select the best Plan for your needs.

Select the type of plan that fits your needs best. You can read a little bit more about our pricing plans before you decide which one is the one for you.

4. If you have already added a payment method, you can select your preferred payment method or you can add a new one.downgrade_plan_3.png


5. After you have selected your preferred payment method, tap on the checkout button to complete your purchase with this card.downgrade_plan_4.png

Your changes will be saved and your new plan will be enabled for your next billing cycle. You will receive an invoice with your billing information when your new billing cycle begins.