Set up website tracking using the Segment plugin

Segment is a single platform that integrates your websites and mobile apps data to over 300 analytics and growth tools. Segment users are now able to connect their websites and setup website tracking using the Segment and Moosend email marketing integration.

To set up website tracking using the Segment plugin: 

  1. After setting a Source in your workspace, in the Destinations tab, search for Moosend Email Marketing and click it.tracking_with_segment_1.png
  2. In the Configure Destination step, in the Website Id (GUID) field, enter your website ID.
    To retrieve your website ID, you must log into your Moosend account and in the top navigation bar, click Account_icon.png , click Websites, then click your website's URL.tracking_with_segment_2.png
  3. Follow the succeeding installation instructions to add Segment to your website. When finished, the tracking library is installed on your website.tracking_with_segment_3.png
  4. To add tracking codes for events such as Identify, Page view, Added to cart, and so on, we recommend using either the JS tracking library or the PHP tracking library installation procedure.
  5. Verify the connection between your website and your account.