Can we re-send you the activation link to activate your account in our platform

If for any reason, you have not received the activation link after registering with our platform, there is no need for you to worry. It can be resent to you so that you can go ahead and activate your account.


Let's see how this is done:

1. Go to your login page and try to log in to your account with the same login details you used when you registered. Your login page in our platform is the login domain you used on your registration, if for example you used the value "mydomain", then your login page will be


2. A prompt appears, informing you that your account is not yet activated. In this case, you should contact our readily available Support Team to ask them to resend you the activation link.


3. You will once more receive an activation email containing the activation link in your email account.


4. Click on the Activate Account button in the activation email you received and your account will be activated immediately.resend_activation_link_2.png