Filter and search your email lists

When you have created a few email lists and filled them with future recipients for your campaigns, you may find it convenient to organize them.

To filter and search your email lists:

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover your mouse over the Audience tab, and then click Email lists.
  2. To filter your emails by labels, click the Filter by label drop-down list, and select one of the available labels in the drop-down menu (these will be any labels that you have added to any of your emails), to filter your list.NEW5filteremail.png
  3. To filter your emails by opt-in type, click the Filter by opt-in type drop-down list, and select one of the following Opt-in options
    • Single Opt-in
    • Soft Double Opt-in
    • Strong Double Opt-in   
  4. To search the email list by name or by email list ID type, use the search bar to enter keywords and quickly find a specific campaign.