Create Campaign Content for your Automation's Send Email Action

The campaign creation process consists of 3 simple and straightforward steps: 

  • Step 1: Set basic settings
    You set the Campaign type, the Campaign name, the Preview text if you wish to use one, and the tracking options.

  • Step 2: Design
    You upload an HTML design as content or design a beautiful newsletter using our flexible Campaign Editor.

  • Step 3: Preview
    You can have one last look at a preview before saving your campaign.

One of the parameters of your automation's workflow will request that you set the campaign content that will be sent out. You will then have several options regarding the content you will use within your automation. 


Right below we will explore the option of creating an entirely new campaign content for your automation:

1. Once you have selected the Then send email campaign action, you should first fill in the Subject line and the "From" name for your automation campaign.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_1.png

You must fill in the subject line of your campaign as you want it to appear on your recipients' inboxes. Make sure that it is brief and explicit. Keep in mind that you can also use suggestions to improve your open rate, tags, and emojis just by clicking on the corresponding icons. 

The "From" name field indicates the sender of your campaign, meaning the name and email address that your subscribers will see in their inbox. Use a name that will be easily recognizable to them.


2. Choose the campaign content. You have four options where your campaign content is concerned. 

i. Creating a simple campaign content

The first option is to create a simple HTML message for your automation from within the Then send email campaign window when you are in the Rich text editor tab (the default option). Create your simple HTML message, then click on the Save button.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_12.png,


ii. Creating a campaign design

You may also create a new campaign design for your automation. To do this, click the Campaign editor tab once more, then click on the Go to editor button.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_13.png

Clicking on this button takes you to our Campaign Editor, where you can create a whole new design.

iii. Fetching the content from an existing campaign

The third option is to fetch the content from an existing campaign.

1. To use content from an existing campaign, click on the Campaign editor tab, then click on the Use a ready campaign button.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_14.png


2. Next, use the drop-down list to select the campaign whose content you wish to use, whether it be a campaign that has already been sent out or just a draft campaign.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_15.png

Once you have selected your campaign, click on the Import button to use its content in your automation campaign. After the import process is completed, the HTML content of the campaign you selected will be imported to your automation campaign.


iv. Creating a campaign from scratch
1. You may also create a new campaign from scratch for your automation. To do this, click the Campaign editor tab once more, then click on the Create a campaign from scratch button.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_16-new.png

Clicking on this option takes you to the Campaign wizard where you can follow the steps to import your desired HTML content,  just as you would do with a regular campaign, or create a brand new campaign from scratch.


2. Once you are happy with your design, clicking on the Update Campaign & Continue button will automatically take you back to your automation, allowing you to continue designing it.

3. Select the maximum number of emails sent by this action, per day.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_18.png


The available options which refer to each subscriber are:

  • Unlimited
  • Up to 1 email 
  • Up to 2 emails 
  • Up to 3 emails 
  • Up to 4 emails 
  • Up to 5 emails 

4. Click on the Save button.


A. Defining the Campaign Settings

1. Set up the available fields. You will notice that, next to the fields required, you will find a help window, providing you with all the details needed in order to create your campaign successfully and with the minimum amount of effort.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_3.png


  • Campaign type
    The campaign type, having to choose between HTML or Plain Text format. You could choose the Plain text only option, but we highly recommend that, unless you have good reason tο opt for plain text, you should prefer the HTML and plain text option. By using the HTML and plain text format you can get accurate reporting out of your campaign which is not an option when using plain text.

  • Campaign name
    The name of your campaign, for internal use only. Use a name that will help you find your campaign later on.
  • Preview text
    The text to the right of your subject line, containing a secondary message that could help you catch your subscribers' attention. Keep in mind that you can also use tags and emojis just by clicking on the corresponding icons. 


2. Toggle the two available boxes depending on your preferences regarding your campaign's tracking.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_4.png

The first box allows you to track your campaigns through Google Analytics. The box below that, allows you to disable click tracking via our platform in case you don't want to use click tracking, or if you intend to use another application to this end. You should work exactly how you prefer, just make sure that you don't tick the box if you want us to track your link clicks.


3. Click on the Next button to continue.


B. Creating the Campaign Design

1. If you haven't created your content yet (as described previously in this article), you can either create your own design from scratch by using our Editor or select between one of our fully customizable templates in order to get started fast.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_5.png

Our Campaign Editor provides you with super powerful tools to design the most effective newsletters (coding HTML while using drag and drop at the same time, adding personalization tags to your campaign, etc.) while remaining easy to use. Get to know how to use our platform's Campaign Editor and you will be making your email marketing friends (both novice and pro designers) admire your campaign, in no time.


Alternatively, you can select the most appropriate options from the Import Campaign template, if you already have a design at the ready. Click on the button or toggle the switch to Active in order to start the process.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_6.png


As you would expect, the process of importing your campaign content is easy and straightforward. You can either import an HTML newsletter from a URL, browse your computer and upload it directly along with the images contained in it or copy and paste your HTML code directly to our platform.

You can also add personalization tags for internal use if you need to.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_7.png


2. Click on the Next button to continue.


C. Preview your campaign

1. Here you can check all of your campaign details and preview your campaign design. Furthermore, if you want to test the look and delivery of your campaign by sending it to a small group of test emails, you can do so by clicking on the Send A Test Email or the Spam Test buttons.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_10.png


There you will be able to see exactly how your campaign looks like and check all of its' details to make sure that everything is how you wish it to be. Tap on the Send test button to continue with the process.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_8.png


You can also run a spam test in order to make sure that your campaign will reach your subscribers' inbox and that iτ is noτ likely to end up in the spam folder. Click on the Start test button to start the procedure.create_campaign_content_automation_campaign_11.png


2. Right after that, click on the Save and return to automation button when you are ready to save your Automation Campaign. 


Congratulations, you have just created your first Automation Campaign. You can now select your Automation Campaign from the available drop-down menu in the send email action of your Automation.

Make sure you check all the options available for you to choose the campaign content for your automation's send email action since there is no need to have your campaign ready before creating your automation.