Save a custom report that you created as a template

Custom reports are reports that allow you to gather and control all the data, and focus on specific information that you consider relevant to your requirements. You can create your own Custom Report and link it to all kinds of metrics through 40 practical widgets, divided into different categories according to their utility. You can save any custom report you've created as a template, so that you don't have to make another report from scratch. 

To save a custom report as a template:

  1. After you have set up your custom report, click three_dots_icon.pngand click Save as template.Snag_157bd093.png
  2. In the Create Custom Report Template dialog, enter the details in the Template Name and Template Description fields.
  3. Click Save. A message appears at the bottom of your page, notifying you that your custom report template has been saved. You can now select the template when creating a new custom report.
  4. You can also load your saved template into any new custom report you may create in the future by clicking on the arrow icon next to it.
    Alternatively, when creating your new custom report, you can click three_dots_icon.pngand click Load a template.Snag_15877d29.png