Change the layout of a Custom Report

Right after creating your Custom Report and adding the widgets you want, make sure you benefit from its' great potential and use its' different features to organize the widgets provided the best way you can think of.

One of these features is that you can change the layout of your Custom Report, rearranging this way the data it contains according to preference.


Let's see how you can make that happen:

A. Changing the width of the widgets

You can change the width of each widget, in order to create the perfect flow of information. You can select the width by tapping on the scale button at the bottom of the widget's frame. Move the scale to the width of your liking and apply the procedure for any of the widgets included in your Custom Report.change_layout_Custom_Report_1.png


B. Changing the order of the widgets

You can also change the widgets display by selecting their order inside your Custom Report. All you have to do is drag and drop the widget that you wish to move and place it in the position you consider best for you to monitor your data based on the priorities you set.