Duplicate a Custom Report

After you have created a custom report, you may find it so useful that you want to duplicate it. Luckily, duplicating a custom report is an easy and quick process.

Let's see how it's done:

1. On your Moosend page, hover your mouse over the Reports tab on the top navigation bar and select

Custom Reports.duplicate_custom_report_1.png

A list of all your existing custom reports appears.

2. Find the custom report you wish to duplicate, then click on the three-dots menu on its far-right to expand it.duplicate_custom_report_2.png


3. Click on the Duplicate option.

Your duplicated custom report will appear at the top of your list and will bear the extension Copy.


Alternatively, you can duplicate your custom report once you are inside its' main page by clicking on the three-dots menu on the right and choosing the Duplicate option.duplicate_custom_report_3.png


4. You can rename your duplicated custom report to whatever you'd like, and make any other changes you deem necessary, as well. Just click on it and you will be redirected to your custom report's main page in order to edit it the way you prefer.