Can you save the block that has your custom unsubscribe link and use it in other campaigns

You may often find it useful to save a block containing your custom unsubscribe link, in order to be able to quickly and easily use it in other campaigns. All you need to do in order to have this option is to save the block as a clone block.


Let's take a closer look:

1. Click on the floppy-shaped save symbol, appearing on the right side of the row when you hover your mouse over it, to save it as a clone block.save_block_with_custom_unsubscribe_link_1.png


2. Fill in the name for your custom container.save_block_with_custom_unsubscribe_link_2.png


3. Tap on the Save Container button.


4. Locate your clone block under the Structures list, represented by yellow icons.save_block_with_custom_unsubscribe_link_3.png


In case you want to delete the block that contains your custom unsubscribe link, just click on the x icon in the upper right corner.save_block_with_custom_unsubscribe_link_4.png