Filter your custom report's data by date

When you have created a few custom reports,  you may find it convenient to organize them. One way you do this is to filter your custom report's data by date if you have added a widget that displays data for a given time period. This way, you can have a clear view of the metrics provided in your custom report for a specific duration.

To filter your custom report's data by date:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Reports tab and click Custom Reports.Snag_1561b0d4.png
  2. Click the name of the report you want to filter by date.
  3. In the Date filter field, click the calendar field and select the specific dates, by which you want to filter your data.Snag_19a1e391.pngNote: You can also use the table to the left of the calendar to select your preferred time frame  (This Week, This Month, and so on.)