The Background Image Repeat and how you can use it to design your newsletter

To make a good impression on your visitors you will need to catch their eye - and for that you need color. To make a lasting impression you will need image. That is why, while in the process of designing your latest newsletter with our platform's flexible Campaign Editor, you will find that you can effortlessly bring your newsletter to absolute perfection, adding color and images wherever you please.

After you have defined your newsletter design's structure using the various Containers, you can also start adding Elements to each available slot, filling the structure with content. Each Container you use comes with its own fully customizable group of Container settings. One of the most useful options contained in the settings is the Background Image Repeat option.

Let's see what it does:

1. Click on the Settings symbol, appearing on the right side of the Container when you place your mouse over it, to open the Container settings.background_image_repeat_editor_1.-newpng.png

Make sure that you have already uploaded an image as a background for the particular Container, using the Background Image to upload a file from your computer or pick one from the internet using any of the various sources available. If no image has been uploaded as a background for the Container, then there is no way to take advantage of the Background Image Repeat and so it won't appear as an option on this particular Container's Settings.


2. Click on the Background Image Repeat drop-down menu, located on the left side of your Editor page.background_image_repeat_editor_2.png


You have the following options:

  • no-repeat
    Removes any tiling of the image you uploaded, keeping one instance of the image. This is the default option.

  • repeat-y
    Tiles the image on the vertical (Y) axis of the row.

  • repeat-x
    Tiles the image on the horizontal (X) axis of the row.

  • repeat
    Tiles the image on both the vertical (Y) and horizontal (X) axes of the row.

3. Choose the repeat option.background_image_repeat_editor_3.png

The image you have uploaded should fill up the row's background.

Now that you are familiar with how the background image of a row can be changed and filled up quickly, you are no longer limited to just background colors. Take advantage of your new tools to tweak your design and make it look just perfect.