How does the "When a specific tag is removed" trigger work

When you start designing your own automation workflow, the use of tags inside your email list can prove to be very helpful to organize it as you see fit. One of the many available trigger types is the "When a specific tag is removed", which reacts by setting your automation in motion when you choose to remove a specific tag from the members of your email list. 


To set up this trigger, you will need to define the following parameters:

1. First, you should define the name of the email list, from which when a specific tag is removed, your automation will get triggered. You can find the available email lists on the drop-down menu; keep in mind that this is the only email list for which the automation will check if a specific tag is removed.when_specific_tag_removed_trigger_1.png

2. Then you have to fill in the specific tag value, the removal of which is going to set your automation in motion. Please note that only the removal of this specific tag will trigger the workflow - the rest will be ignored. 


3. The third parameter for you to complete is to choose whether the automation will be triggered for every change of the specific tag, or whether it will be triggered only on the first tag change.

After you are done, click on the Save button to have your trigger ready and waiting inside your workflow.

This is the starting point for creating an automation workflow that will be triggered whenever a specific tag is removed from the members of a specific list. Learning how the available Conditional / Control steps and the available Actions work, will help you finalize your design.