How can you add a tag to a member using automations

There are several types of Actions available to choose from when designing an automation workflow. For example, the "Then add tags to member" type can offer your email list internal organization, allowing you to keep track of important information regarding your subscribers. By selecting this action, your list will always stay relevant to the needs of your business.

You can start by setting up the Trigger which will be responsible for setting your automation in motion, and then add the specific Action by following the steps below:

A.  Finding the Actions
1. In the example used below, the "When someone subscribes to any list" trigger has been selected. After you have set the Trigger of your choice, click on the + button, located at every intersection on your workflow.add_tags_to_member_using_automations_1.png


2. Select the Actions tab, on the pop-up that appears.


3. Tap on the Then add tags to member action to add it to your workflow.add_tags_to_member_using_automations_2.png


B. Setting up the Action

1. Enter the tag value of your choice in the corresponding field; in order to fill in multiple values, all you have to do is type each value and then press Enter. Keep in mind that only tags with these values will be evaluated by this Action.add_tags_to_member_using_automations_3.png


2. Select if the member will be created, in case it doesn't already exist in that email list.

You have three options: 

  • Yes - Create the member if it does not exist
  • Yes - Create the member if it does not exist as verified, I have consent from an external source

This option should be selected if your email list requires consent and you have already been given consent by your subscriber through the Double Opt-in procedure

  • No - Do not create a new member


3. Click on the Save button.

Your Action step will be ready and waiting inside your workflow.

Also, don't forget to explore the highly useful Conditional / Control steps that will help you design the automation that best fits your needs.